The Beyond Beige team is thrilled to announce that of our projects: Kitsilano Treasure Via Tavan Developments won an award at The Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association, Ovation Awards.

This event celebrated the work of some of the best – new home, renovation and design member companies in Metro Vancouver. We are so proud to have won The Best Custom Home of 750K – 1Mil.




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The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

When one of the most impressive trade shows in your industry takes place in Las Vegas, how could you not go?! For the second year in a row the entire Beyond Beige team traveled south to KBIS 2016. We spent two full days exploring the most beautiful, high quality, and innovative products design has to offer. We were excited by shower systems, lavatory basins, and doors. But since those integral home products aren't as visually stunning to show you, here are some the most standout, gorgeous vignettes we toured.

Above are two playful kitchen ranges from La Cornue. Feminine and vintage, even actress Dianna Agron has one!

KBIS 2016 - 2

Then there was Metrie. I believe WOW is the operative word. Above are only three of Metrie's Interior Designed vignettes. Each nook showcased a different line of their mill work.

KBIS 2016 - 3

Always a must at the show, Ann Sacks. This year the tile heavy weight showcased their new product designed by none other than Kelly Wearstler. Geometric and dramatic. Sure to add drama to any space. Side note, we're really loving a pattern on the floor.

KBIS 2016 - 4

Lastly, back to Metrie. Because these chandeliers were begging for their own showcase. The one of the right is a go to of ours. But the one on left, left us in awe. We can't wait for the perfect space to use it in.

This trip always leaves us inspired and excited to get back to work. We're already looking forward to next year!

To see more pictures from the show, follow me on Instagram, @reisapollard.

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Holiday Shutdown

Another year has come and gone and our team is looking forward to our annual Holiday Shutdown. Our office will be closed for two weeks, from Friday, December 18th at 5pm to Monday, January 4th at 9am. 

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact our Project Manager, Jacqueline Pasquali. She can be reached at jacqueline@beyondbeige.com.

Our whole team wishes you a holiday filled with love and laughter!

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Luxe Looks For The Holidays

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean your home should look like Santa’s workshop. Instead of distracting from your home’s beauty with aimless ornaments, compliment your style with intentional accessories. Here are some simple ways to enhance your holiday residence.

Unconventional Colour + Metal
One interesting way to incorporate design into your holiday home is through colour. With red and green most typically being used, differentiate your home from the rest by incorporating an unconventional hue. I would suggest using turquoise with silver accents, or pink with gold accents. Throw pillows, napkins, or table dressings are all opportunities to inject this twist. Try your best to use the same colour everywhere for chic continuity.

Decorate With Accessories, Not Trinkets
Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean your home has to be kitschy. Holiday décor should stem from your home’s current décor as opposed giving it a new identity. Instead of resorting to DIY ornaments, look for home accessories you would already use – but with a holiday twist. Mantle displays, table center pieces, or a welcome mat are all easy solutions.

Contain Your Decorating To Specific Areas
When holiday decorating takes over your entire home it can begin to look messy. Stick to the mantra less is more and focus in on specific areas. Your home’s entry, dining table, and fireplace are the perfect areas to add drama. Refrain from overwhelming yourself or your space with extraneous décor.

Outdoor Decorating
Whether you’re driving up to your home or gazing out of its windows, outdoor decorating is undeniably impactful. Avoid the blow-up snowmen and opt for natural elegance, such as a cedar wreath or grapevine reindeer. An entry gate can be the perfect place to elevate your exterior. Try wrapping cedar garland with white holiday lights around it for tasteful charm.

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Fitting Into The Neighbourhood

Have you ever seen a house that looks incredibly out of place? Most home owners want their house to stand out from the rest, but in a good way. A home should still fit in with the neighbourhood. If you plan on renovating your home’s exterior or building new, it is essential to look at other homes in the area. Acquire a sense of your likes and dislikes to assess what style of home works best for your family. Try to be mindful of the styles in the area and what appears fit naturally.

For instance, homes in West Vancouver often have many large windows to take advantage of the beautiful views. Also, the West coast aesthetic tends to work better on a slope than a traditional style home. These attributes make this style of home perfect for that area. Conversely, building a new home in Shaughnessy has many limits. There are numerous parameters governed by the historical society to ensure that the architecture falls in line with the areas aesthetic. Due to this, all of the homes have a traditional feel that provides continuity to the neighbourhood.

I recently did a renovation on an out-of-place home in West Vancouver.  The house looked like it had been flown over from Italy and dropped into place.  It was designed like a Tuscan Villa with arches, a red tile roof, and a deep mustard colour exterior. Upon completion, it had a charcoal slate roof and the exterior was painted a light cream with black doors.  Most of the architecture remained the same, but the cosmetic changes allowed it to look as if it belonged among the mostly West Coast Modern Homes. The update was so well received by the community I even had two of the neighbours bring me wine!

Being respectful of a neighbourhood doesn’t mean sacrificing your own personal preferences. Include the materials and details you prefer most. Make your home stand out with beautiful front doors or dramatic paint colours. It’s amazing what beautiful finishing touches can do; such as a custom iron gate or a grand light fixture over the entry door.  You will love it for years to come and your neighbours will love you!

To read this blog post in Chinese, visit Boulevard Magazine.

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Chandeliers - Jewelry For The Home

Just as an outfit isn’t complete without the finishing touch of jewelry, the same holds true for a home.  The interior design of a home needs to be complimented with the perfect lighting.  Many people think of a chandelier in its traditional incarnation, an anchor shaped light with candelabras and crystals.  But today a chandelier comes in many forms, from very traditional to shockingly modern. It may be made of all metal, chain, crystal pieces, or anything that gives it some sparkle.

Today’s design styles have also taken the chandelier out of the dining room. It can be used in the entry, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the master bathroom, or even in the powder room.  The glamorous touch of a chandelier adds an emphasis to an area as being “special”.  You can instantly give your home a new feel by putting a more contemporary chandelier in your dining room and a traditional chandelier in an unexpected area.

A statement chandelier can stand alone, but in certain circumstances it’s more impactful to group a few together. With the evolving technology of LED, chandeliers can appear to be floating in mid-air.  The light no longer needs to be wired into the main frame, the lighting can be recessed into a top plate.

Scale is also very important. If a chandelier is too small for a space it can look like a lonely ornament. Conversely, a huge chandelier can be too imposing in a small space or one with low ceilings.  To accommodate a beautiful chandelier in a space with a low ceiling, look for a fixture that is wide but shallow. If your space has a very high ceiling, look for a chandelier that cascades so that it appears to fill the space. And when in doubt – ask a designer!

To read this blog post in Chinese, visit Boulevard Magazine.

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Georgie Awards

The Georgie Awards held by the Canadian Home builders Association to highlight excellence in home building.

2017 Finalist - Best Interior Custom Residence – New or Renovation
Powell – Historic Industrial

2017 Finalist Best Any Room - New or Renovation
Powell – Historic Industrial

2014 Finalist - Best Kitchen Renovation Under $100,000
Folkstone, Kitchen

2013 Winner - Best Interior Design Custom Residence

2013 Finalist - Best Condo Renovation over $300,000

2013 Finalist - Best Innovative Feature
Arbutus, Feature Wall

2005 Associate Winner - Best Kitchen Under $30,000
Primary Winner, Buchmann Built, Contractors.

Ovation Awards

The Ovation Awards are an held by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association. They recognize the work of the best new-home, renovation and design member companies in Metro Vancouver.

2016 Winner - Best Custom Home 750K – 1Mil
West 13th - Kitsilano Casual

2015 Winner - Best Kitchen & Greatroom Renovation
Hamilton, Kitchen & Greatroom

2015 Winner - Best Bathroom Renovation: $35,000 And Over
Hamilton, Master Ensuite

2015 Winner - Best Townhouse/Condominium Renovation: $200,000 And Over

2014 Finalist - Best Interior Design Custom Residence

Houzz Awards

Houzz is the leading online community that shares interior design, decoration, architecture, landscape design, and home improvement ideas.

2015 Best of Houzz - Design
Portfolio was voted most popular by the Houzz community

2014 Best of Houzz - Design
Portfolio was voted most popular by the Houzz community

2014 Best of Houzz - Satisfaction
Rated at the highest level for client satisfaction by the Houzz community

North West Design Awards

The Seattle Design Center hosts the Annual Northwest Design Awards Competition to reward outstanding interior design. The location of entrants span from California to Alaska, acknowledging both American and Canadian talent.

2017 winner Textile
West 32nd – Shaughnessy Classic

2015 Winner - Bathroom
Hamilton, Master Ensuite

2015 Winner - Best Individual Room: Traditional
Piccadilly Rd., Living Room

2014 Winner - Most Innovative Design Component
Arbutus, Feature Wall

2014 Second Place - Bathroom
Arbutus, Master Ensuite


Boutique 18 Design Award

The Boutique 18 Design award is held by Boutique Design Magazine. Each Spring they create a list of up-and-coming hospitality interior designers known as The Boutique 18.

2009 Winner - Best Hospitality Design
Ginger 62

The 15 Best Interior Designers In Vancouver B.C.

I am very excited to announce that I am a candidate for Best Interior Designer in Vancouver! Recognizing the "shining stars" of the industry, this Build Direct poll highlights 15 Vancouver designers who are at the top of their game. If you could take a moment of your time to visit the link below to vote for me, it would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you so much for your continued support!

To vote for Reisa Pollard as Best Interior Designer in Vancouver, click here.

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