Chandeliers – Jewelry For The Home

Just as an outfit isn’t complete without the finishing touch of jewelry, the same holds true for a home.  The interior design of a home needs to be complimented with the perfect lighting.  Many people think of a chandelier in its traditional incarnation, an anchor shaped light with candelabras and crystals.  But today a chandelier comes in many forms, from very traditional to shockingly modern. It may be made of all metal, chain, crystal pieces, or anything that gives it some sparkle.

Today’s design styles have also taken the chandelier out of the dining room. It can be used in the entry, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the master bathroom, or even in the powder room.  The glamorous touch of a chandelier adds an emphasis to an area as being “special”.  You can instantly give your home a new feel by putting a more contemporary chandelier in your dining room and a traditional chandelier in an unexpected area.

A statement chandelier can stand alone, but in certain circumstances it’s more impactful to group a few together. With the evolving technology of LED, chandeliers can appear to be floating in mid-air.  The light no longer needs to be wired into the main frame, the lighting can be recessed into a top plate.

Scale is also very important. If a chandelier is too small for a space it can look like a lonely ornament. Conversely, a huge chandelier can be too imposing in a small space or one with low ceilings.  To accommodate a beautiful chandelier in a space with a low ceiling, look for a fixture that is wide but shallow. If your space has a very high ceiling, look for a chandelier that cascades so that it appears to fill the space. And when in doubt – ask a designer!

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