Fitting Into The Neighbourhood

Have you ever seen a house that looks incredibly out of place? Most home owners want their house to stand out from the rest, but in a good way. A home should still fit in with the neighbourhood. If you plan on renovating your home’s exterior or building new, it is essential to look at other homes in the area. Acquire a sense of your likes and dislikes to assess what style of home works best for your family. Try to be mindful of the styles in the area and what appears fit naturally.

For instance, homes in West Vancouver often have many large windows to take advantage of the beautiful views. Also, the West coast aesthetic tends to work better on a slope than a traditional style home. These attributes make this style of home perfect for that area. Conversely, building a new home in Shaughnessy has many limits. There are numerous parameters governed by the historical society to ensure that the architecture falls in line with the areas aesthetic. Due to this, all of the homes have a traditional feel that provides continuity to the neighbourhood.

I recently did a renovation on an out-of-place home in West Vancouver.  The house looked like it had been flown over from Italy and dropped into place.  It was designed like a Tuscan Villa with arches, a red tile roof, and a deep mustard colour exterior. Upon completion, it had a charcoal slate roof and the exterior was painted a light cream with black doors.  Most of the architecture remained the same, but the cosmetic changes allowed it to look as if it belonged among the mostly West Coast Modern Homes. The update was so well received by the community I even had two of the neighbours bring me wine!

Being respectful of a neighbourhood doesn’t mean sacrificing your own personal preferences. Include the materials and details you prefer most. Make your home stand out with beautiful front doors or dramatic paint colours. It’s amazing what beautiful finishing touches can do; such as a custom iron gate or a grand light fixture over the entry door.  You will love it for years to come and your neighbours will love you!

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