Luxe Looks For The Holidays

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean your home should look like Santa’s workshop. Instead of distracting from your home’s beauty with aimless ornaments, compliment your style with intentional accessories. Here are some simple ways to enhance your holiday residence.

Unconventional Colour + Metal
One interesting way to incorporate design into your holiday home is through colour. With red and green most typically being used, differentiate your home from the rest by incorporating an unconventional hue. I would suggest using turquoise with silver accents, or pink with gold accents. Throw pillows, napkins, or table dressings are all opportunities to inject this twist. Try your best to use the same colour everywhere for chic continuity.

Decorate With Accessories, Not Trinkets
Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean your home has to be kitschy. Holiday décor should stem from your home’s current décor as opposed giving it a new identity. Instead of resorting to DIY ornaments, look for home accessories you would already use – but with a holiday twist. Mantle displays, table center pieces, or a welcome mat are all easy solutions.

Contain Your Decorating To Specific Areas
When holiday decorating takes over your entire home it can begin to look messy. Stick to the mantra less is more and focus in on specific areas. Your home’s entry, dining table, and fireplace are the perfect areas to add drama. Refrain from overwhelming yourself or your space with extraneous décor.

Outdoor Decorating
Whether you’re driving up to your home or gazing out of its windows, outdoor decorating is undeniably impactful. Avoid the blow-up snowmen and opt for natural elegance, such as a cedar wreath or grapevine reindeer. An entry gate can be the perfect place to elevate your exterior. Try wrapping cedar garland with white holiday lights around it for tasteful charm.

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