Best Floors for Commercial Spaces

The thing that gets the most wear and abuse in a commercial space is usually the floor, which is also often overlooked when designing a beautiful, efficient commercial space. Here we’ll cover the top commercial flooring options and share which one may be the best for you, as Beyond Beige has an experienced team ready to tackle any commercial project and bring you impressive results. Without ado, here are the top commercial flooring options we suggest:




Commercial tile floors are an excellent option for a commercial floor that gets a lot of use and needs to be easy to maintain. Tile comes in plenty of variations like porcelain, natural stone, ceramics, and more, and in an impressive array of colors and textures. Tile floors are costlier to install, but they are among the most durable, practically maintenance-free commercial floor options that are affordable in the long run.


Commercial carpet comes in a wide array of designs, patterns, colors, and ultra-durable loop fiber weave. The carpet creates a comfortable and inviting space that is affordable and easy to install. Most commercial carpets come in rolls or tiles with an adhesive backing that stays in place even in high-frequency areas. The downside to carpet is the maintenance, as carpet attracts oils and dirt and needs to be cleaned regularly.




The commercial laminate floor is an excellent substitute for wood floors, as it is a manufactured flooring alternative. Laminate flooring comes in plenty of styles, textures, and finishes, most often wood imitations. It is straightforward to install and is quite durable and easy to maintain. Still, laminate floors tend to make a hollow sound and are not waterproof, so you should avoid using them in high-humidity areas.

Vinyl Sheet

Commercial vinyl sheet floors come in various looks, finishes, and colors, and most have impressive durability. These come in bigger thicknesses than residential vinyl sheets and can withstand the heavy traffic of commercial objects. Also, installation is straightforward, as the vinyl sheets only need to be glued down. The downside is that these are difficult to replace.

SPC Vinyl

SPC stands for Stone-Plastic-Composite vinyl floors, which are suitable for high-traffic areas as they combine a layer of stone, layer of plastic, and vinyl for an impressively durable floor covering. SPC vinyl floor coverings can look like wood, tile, or stone and is a fully waterproof floor covering. Installation is effortless, with a click-and-lock system, and it absorbs sound. Still, SPC vinyl is pricey and is not as comfortable as other floor coverings.

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