Fabrics in Interior Design: Add Texture with Textile

It is impossible to have an interior décor without adding fabrics: drapes, carpets, rugs, furnishings, upholstery, throw pillows, bedclothes, and other fabrics are an inevitable part of every type of interior design. That is why today we’ll discuss the importance of making the right choice for textiles in the interior design process. Using textiles has multiple benefits, but it also comes with different aspects that a quality interior designer knows.

Fabrics in Interior Design

The Importance of Textile and Fabrics in Interior Design

Fabrics and textiles add depth to your space, and they can add splashes of color in a starkly furnished space. Another important aspect of using textiles and fabrics in your area is that they add a sense of livability to the room and affect comfort and practicality.

Fabrics and textiles also have an aesthetic component, as impressive colors, designs, and combinations are available on the market today. When used correctly, they can evoke emotion, soften the space and even bring sentimental feelings.

Using imagination, any interior design can benefit from various fabrics and textiles, immediately transforming any space. For example, dark drapes or light gauzy window coverings – which one adds brightness to a room? The same goes for every other area where fabrics and textiles are used.

What to Consider when Selecting Fabrics

Not every fabric or textile will work for any design, so there are critical aspects you need to know when selecting these:

Fabrics in Interior Design

  • Color – using the right-color fabric can bring forth the right mood for the space and add size and depth. Small rooms can benefit from lighter colors and fabrics but beware of the prints, as these can also affect the overall effect.
  • Texture – many fabrics and textiles come with a texture, which adds layers to any space. If you are working with a plain space, then you can add layers with a textured fabric, but if your area already feels cluttered, then it is advisable to lay off the textures as these can also be challenging to maintain.
  • Durability – most fabrics used in interior design are relatively permanent, so durability is crucial. You can use more delicate fabrics in places that are easy to change up, like curtains, drapes, or throw pillows, but please note to use durable fabrics and textiles for upholstered items or wall coverings.
  • Price – your ultimate choice will depend on the available budget. The good news is that you can use natural and artificial fabrics and interchange one for the other without sacrificing the end result.

At Beyond Beige, we have extensive knowledge and experience executing unique styles that reflect our clients. Also, as one of Vancouver’s top interior design firms, we have a transparent process and excellent results we can check out in our portfolio. Please get in touch with us for more info and a quote for your next project.

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