Interior Design Color Palette and How It Affects Your Business

Yes, you are reading the title correctly, as the color palette, you select for your commercial space significantly impacts your space and brand. You can see it from a business perspective, the consumer’s perspective, and the interior designer’s perspective, but there is no doubt that color has power. How you use it in your interior design strongly reflects your brand and can even significantly influence how your customers perceive your company.

Color Allows Differentiation

Have you noticed how some brands stand apart from others, and you can instantly recognize them? Well, this is because they have used colors and designs to attract attention and stand apart. It becomes evident that color is essential if you want to stand apart, and this does not only stand for your products – your commercial space needs to reflect your brand. Thus, using color in the interior design of the commercial space is vital for your brand.

Color Is Emotion

Colors elicit emotions and can influence the mood, so you should be careful when selecting your interior design colors for your commercial object. These can affect the customers and even motivate your clients. Establishing an emotional connection with your customers is a foundation on which you can build trust and cultivate friendly relationships that later reflect on brand trustworthiness and your bottom line.

Color Reflects Personality

The colors you select to represent your brand also reflect your brand personality; you should select the color palette concerning the emotion and personality you wish your brand to convey. This is inherently linked with your primary business goals and the basic premise of what the brands stand for.

Are you opening an organic food café? A space that caters to a more mature clientele? A dental office? What is your target customer base? Do your customers like to feel relaxed? Happy? Laid-back? Eco-friendly? There are many more questions we can ask here. The color palette you decide on with your interior design should reflect this, not only in your product portfolio but in your commercial space as well, as the first impression when your clients visit your space is always the most important one that sets the tone to the entire business collaboration.

At Beyond Beige, we have a collective experience in designing residential and commercial projects measured in decades, and we can help you with any design you may need. Feel free to contact us for a consultation for any designing job in Vancouver, Kelowna, Kitsilano, Shaughnessy, Point Grey, Whistler, Victoria, and the Fraser Valley.

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