Whether you’re building new, renovating or deciding on furniture and décor, we are experts with amazing ideas. We are highly passionate about all aspects of interior design and take great pride in completing homes with the highest level of visual harmony.


What are you selling? No matter what your business is, there is something that you are selling. We want to tap into your business and design a space that speaks to your client. From the front door to the exit, your brand needs to be clear and consistent. Clients should connect with the space, if you are selling a luxury product, that should evident. If you are selling a service, we want the clients to feel confidence and trust in your business.

We consider efficiency, functionality, and organization when working on your commercial project. The bottom line is that we want your investment in your location to increase your bottom line. Feedback from business owners that we have worked with is that they have seen increases in business of 20% or more after we have redesigned a space. BBID will create an environment that sets you apart from your competitors. We consider your corporate branding and utilize it as much as possible to connect your identity to your location.

Commercial design can start from new construction to minor tenant improvements. Whatever your project, BBID is on your team to make your business location look impressive and as profitable as possible.

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