Applause for Arbutus

Applause for Arbutus is a dynamic and intricate New Build in Vancouver BC. This interior design project was unique with the request for two equal living spaces, one for each twin, under the same roof. Both spaces needed to be kid friendly and incorporate main floor living and an upper floor for bedrooms. Beyond Beige Interior Design made good use of the spaces with built ins and millwork. Luckily both families had similar style, so we could use the same finishes for a timeless classic home with beautiful details. The exterior also has beautiful details to compliment the Georgian design. Applause for Arbutus came with a lot of different dimensions and ideas as there were two families involved. That being said, the team had to design a space that worked with everyone's ideas while being cohesive. The wallpaper in the powder added femininity and flare to the home. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard loved designing a space not just for one family but two. The colors and patterns really captured the families ideas. Overall, the two families were thrilled with the result and excited to have such a lively space for the kids.

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