Artsy on Alberni

Artsy on Alberni is a vibrant and colorful condo located at the Shangri-La in Vancouver, BC. The clients wanted a space that was comfortable but lively. Previously, the condo had little color and no range of unique furniture. Beyond Beige Interior Design wanted to utilize as much natural light as possible to make the colors really POP! That being said, pinks, oranges and blues were used as accent colors, making the space extra bright. Retro art pieces were used to compliment areas of the home while giving guests a blast from the past! Understanding the clients needs, BBID made sure to design a room for his two children. Furthermore, the team understood the children's passions and created a dream space where they could relax and play. Creating balance, brass details were used in the kitchen to go with the blue chairs. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard really enjoyed creating a lively space with so much color! Overall, the clients were thrilled and could not wait to host guests in their splashy condo.

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