Cool on Canterbury Crescent

Cool on Canterbury Crescent is a home renovation in Vancouver that has features that really pop! The client was very practical. That being said, every selection had to have low maintenance, durability, and eco-friendly attributes. Originally, She thought she wanted conservative designs. However, Beyond Beige Interior Design presented ideas outside of her comfort zone and she loved them! That being said, the team included color and texture while keeping a minimalist theme. Both clients work from home and are very organized. Beyond Beige Interior Design created two workspaces, customized to fit the clients needs and preferences. Capitalizing on the outdoor space Beyond Beige Interior Design created an extended living space on the large covered patio with outdoor heating. This is a fantastic area for relaxing, having a glass of wine and enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. The diverse lighting fixtures make certain rooms standout while also giving the area drama. Adding more color, certain doors are painted in reds to add contrast and depth to the overall space. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard loved designing and adding color to Cool on Canterbury Crescent. Overall, the clients were extremely happy that they went less conservative and trusted the designers to give them a colorful yet minimal home.

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