Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind is a condo renovation located in the center of Vancouver. This luxurious penthouse condo has breathtaking views and extravagant details. The clients lived in various places around the world and knew that they would eventually settle down in Vancouver. Evidently, they purchased this incredible sub penthouse in the heart of downtown with gorgeous views of the mountains and water from the 60th floor. The original finishing was very “builder basic” and needed more layers and luxury . The clients requested that Beyond Beige Interior Design to not gut everything as they liked the bones of the condo. The team wanted Georgia On My Mind to feel sleek and modern but with touches of international glamour. Adding depth to the inside, the living room columns were featured in the design rather than overlooked with a LED light infused wallpaper, giving the main room beautiful ambient light in the evening. Furthermore, the entry closet turned into a work of art by removing the wall and creating a glass wine room with an LED backlit stone panel. The LED lighting completed the look of the bar areas and became a key feature in the condo. Finding a solution to a problem, Beyond Beige Interior Design designed all the furniture to be the exact scale for all the different rooms. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard enjoyed every detail and unique aspect of this penthouse renovation. The result is a space as stunning as the panoramic view!

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