Ginger 62 Nightclub

Ginger 62 Nightclub was a fun and dimensional Commercial Project for Beyond Beige Interior Design. Abstract and sexy, Ginger 62 Night Club or what we like to call, “The Disney Land of Night Clubs” was an inventive project that was BEYOND interesting. Being a large space, focal points were created at various stages of the design. That being said, different areas were made for completely different experiences, some more intimate, some more social. Ginger 62 Nightclub had jaw dropping features. For example, a 25-foot long custom LED chandelier over the bar was visible from all areas, this space exuded personality and drama. Beyond Beige Interior Design was allowed total creative control with the objective that the guest left feeling like they had stepped out of their daily life and into something completely immersive. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard loved designing a space completely different and abstract! From the red walls to the diamond floor, this space was incredible! Overall the owners were so excited and could not wait pour some cocktails and dance in their new nightclub. The Ginger 62 Nightclub won an international award for the Best Designed Night Club and left a lasting impression on the city of Vancouver.

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