Hamilton is a historic and one of a kind loft located in Yaletown, Vancouver BC. This loft had incredible original architectural features, but the floor plan was a bit awkward. The clients put Beyond Beige to the test by requesting a larger foyer, bike storage, a large functional laundry room, and more space in the master ensuite. Beyond Beige Interior Design rebuilt the walls with brick veneers, concrete forms, and cedar beams to give the new plan perceived authenticity. After much deliberation the team chose to keep the original floors as they were wide plank and laid on the diagonal. However the tone of the floor was very orange and did not look good! The design team refinished the flooring by sanding them down and treating them with a product similar to bleach. Resulting in beautiful light ash colored floor. One of the unique features about this loft is the space under the stairs. Beyond Beige Interior Design created a hidden storage area for the bikes and a lit wine feature made from old milk bottle crates. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard loved designing every part of this loft. Overall, Hamilton has a ton of character and incredible details wherever you look. Dinnertime conversation can be guessing what is original and what is not!

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