OsteoStrong Franchise

OsteoStrong Franchise is a commercial franchise that has over a hundred locations across North America and the world, this project was one of the most far-reaching ones Beyond Beige Interior Design has done to date. The corporate goal was to have Beyond Beige develop a physical brand identity that could be consistent but also allowed for some local inspiration to make each location unique. For the franchise owners, the design team provided all the build out requirements along with technical requirements for the franchise while adapting to each unique space. The result is a clearly identifiable OsteoStrong location anywhere in the world. Beyond Beige Interior Design made sure that each design still showed its integration into local communities. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard enjoyed working on this franchise while still making each location as unique as possible. Designing OsteoStrong Franchise was an incredible and exciting accomplishment for Beyond Beige. The team provided a comfortable and trendy space for clients while meeting the challenges of a concept that could be replicated worldwide. Overall, OsteoStrong was elated to have Beyond Beige Interior Design be apart of their international success!

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