Powell Street

Located in Gas Town, Powell Street was a fun condo renovation that has industrial details and rustic features. The clients were downsizing from their North Vancouver and really wanted to be in a complete different and trendy space. In the heart of urbanity, they found their oasis that they wanted to enjoy indefinitely. Originally, The kitchen was poorly designed and had no character. That being said, Beyond Beige Interior Design made huge improvements to the functionality and overall look of the kitchen. In the living room Beyond Beige Interior Design took the brick wall and painted a vintage sign. This created an edgy look, brining the city life in. The team realized that there was no light in the bathroom. Therefore, they designed Powell Street with unique features to distract from the lack of lighting. Furthermore, Beyond Beige Interior Design took artwork from a local Eastside resident and recreated it as a full mosaic wall behind the freestanding tub. Finding a solution to a problem, the designers created a tub filler from the ceiling as the condo has no floor mount. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard loved giving this loft an extreme makeover. The industrial and combined rustic elements made this project one for the books! Overall, the client was excited to be living in loft that literally brought the outside in.

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