Royal Dinette Restaurant

Royal Dinette Restaurant is located in Vancouver BC. Beyond Beige Interior Design took inspiration from the diner like aesthetic but added their own twist. The Space was previously a dark and moody downtown lounge. After making some challenging decisions on design, Beyond Beige Interior Designs objective was to retain the base finishing’s as much as possible while creating a light and open diner concept. This was difficult as all the dark wood paneling was painted out. Inspired by the chefs use of farm to table ingredients, Beyond Beige capitalized on natural elements including décor that captured his use of home-grown organics. For example, Shelves, tables and surfaces were all finished with reclaimed wood, giving a rustic touch to a polished diner area. Hints of green were added to the design to add a bit more "pop!" to this stylish space. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard enjoyed designing Royal Dinette Restaurant from scratch. From being a dark and moody lounge to now being an iconic and bright diner, this space was transformative. Overall, the outcome perfectly embodied the Chefs rural roots while retaining a downtown dining experience.

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