Sky High on Stevens Drive

Sky high on Stevens Drive is a home renovation that was built in in the British Properties. This home had great bones and an abundance of natural light that the designers wanted to capitalize on. However, space planning was critical as we were asked to incorporate a secondary kitchen on the main floor, while maintaining most of the existing rooms. Our clients had great taste and had drawn inspiration from their love of New York City and the use of textures within a softer color palette. Above all, Beyond Beige's design concept fell in line with the clients to create the idea of a penthouse feel. Resulting in a collaborative and lavish vision. For the purpose of bringing the outdoors in, a use of natural slab stone is present throughout Sky High on Stevens Drive. Being open to new materials, Beyond Beige Interior Design used herringbone inlay hardwood floors to create a luxurious feel. thoughtfully curated throughout the design process, every room has a unique detail. However, entertaining was important to the client; therefore, we strategically designed the formal areas to have the “wow” factor, keeping the main area’s family friendly. As a result, this exceeded the client’s expectations with a tailored home they will create many happy memories in! Most importantly, as an experienced and top Vancouver interior designer, Reisa found that Sky High on Stevens Drive was a stand out interior design project within the community and captured the clients and her vision perfectly! This resulted in happy clients and a wonderful experience for the Beyond Beige Interior Design Team.

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