Studio Records Nightclub

Located in Vancouver BC, Studio Records Nightclub is mixture of a record store and classy club. This club has a retro basement rec room surrounded by red brick with funky carpets and a massive chandelier behind a secret door! Studio Records is a combination of a vinyl record store with a casual yet funky live venue club. Historically, once a movie theatre, this space was tricky to design as it was completely different from the cozy basement room that the owners desired. The clients wanted guests to feel at home, as though they could lounge around or have a crazy dance party similar to rec room activities. The ceilings are a soaring 30+ feet high at one end and slope down to the far end. One of the best features of this space, is that the record wall is a door to the nightclub! Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard found this space to be over the top cool! Designing Studio Records Nightclub was an adventure that the team loved to be on! With Beyond Beige Interior's talent and perseverance, Studio Records became one of the coolest spots in town. Overall, the owners loved relaxing and having a drink or two in their new retro basement nightclub.

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