Summit Lodge Whistler Hotel

Summit Lodge Whistler Hotel is located in the heart of the mountain in Whistler BC. The clients were keenly aware of their guest profile, however translating this to a room design was difficult. The guest was casual, not impressed by formality and instead wanted to be in an environment that felt comfortable and homey. So Beyond Beige Interior Design accepted the challenge of creating a hotel that didn’t feel like a hotel. The design direction was eclectic. Textures, colors and contrast flowed beautifully, giving the guests a new Whistler experience. Unlike most hotels, the rooms in Summit Lodge Whistler Hotel are designed uniquely, making each stay different. The rooms are fitted with furniture & décor that feels more like home than away, each with their own surprise properties and elements. Overcoming the obstacle of monotony, the Beyond Beige Interior Design team created a completely above and BEYOND experience for tourists and locals. This determination led the lodge to winning numerous awards including an international award for “Most Unique Guest Experience”. Furthering the success, Beyond Beige Interior Design repurposed and reclaimed much of the material used when designing for this gorgeous space! The team always strives to be sustainable and lead with a conscious mind.

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