The Word on Thirty Third

Located in Vancouver BC, The Word on Thirty Third is an award winning New Build. Keeping the neighborhood in mind, the architect had to blend old with new designs to create the desired modern aesthetic. Beyond Beige Interior Design incorporated timeless materials to add character and diversity to the home. The floor plan is open throughout the house with a stairwell light that allows natural light to cascade from a huge top floor skylight. One of the key features is the wooden geometric fireplace. This fireplace has won a number of awards and has been recognized throughout many prestigious interior design publications. Capturing the outside in, The Word on Thirty Third has an incredible outdoor spaces that connects with the living room. The family appreciated an outdoor dining space as much as their indoor space. Fulfilling the clients needs, Beyond Beige Interior Design designed two kitchen islands so entertainment and cooking could take place all at ounce. Abstract and patterned wallpaper was used throughout the home and added dimension and flare to certain spaces. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard had so much fun designing such a stunning space. The final outcome resulted in a major accomplishment for Beyond Beige Interior Design. From the handblown glass sconces to the floating wood stairs, The Word on Thirty Third is truly a piece of art!

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