Victorious on Victory Ship Way

Victorious on Victory Ship is a condo renovation located in the Shipyards of North Vancouver. The client wanted to ensure the interior was showcased without taking away from the breathtaking view. Beyond Beige Interior Designed wanted guest's eye to catch the long abstract wallpapered wall. The team only displayed the TV on the wall to create simplicity and dimension. Finding a solution to a problem, the team added walnut panels to hide electrical, and custom wallpaper to represent a modern “wave” and a dark concrete skim coat. The blank wall that interrupted the panoramic view, was finished in a dark concrete. The team added a fireplace and a dramatic piece of art to create a focal point in the room. This also created a cozy and warm space during the rainy months. Furthering the "finding a solution to a problem" the team created a custom 9 foot long pendant to feature the grand island as the previous island was outdated. This chandelier is a beautiful piece of art and goes perfectly with the other fixtures. Furthering a specific vision, Beyond Beige designed all the furniture and décor to coordinate with key features. Vancouver Interior Designer, Reisa Pollard had so much fun designing Victorious on Victory Ship and enjoyed designing standout features that made the condo feel cohesive. Overall, the owners were incredibly excited to live in such a polished space and dynamic space.

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