The Art of Tufting


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The Art of Tufting

Finding a boost of energy in such a restless year, COVID 19 has been the ammunition for some creatives to learn new passions and pursue new hobbies. One of these hobbies that was born and has now blossomed in the interior design world is Tufting.

Boosting spirits by the vibrant colors and appeasing the world audience by the therapeutic process, tufted rugs are creating a buzz that will not turn off – for good reason. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, tufting has become the visual satisfaction that creatives and non creatives are looking for. Oddly enough, the first ever tufting machine was invented in the 1930’s by Glen Looper Laundry but historically tufting has been around way before this era. This leaves us with the question why the drastic comeback and what is so captivating about the mesmerizing process?

  1. With the right equipment and space, starting a tufting business can be as little as $650. Quality Tufting Machine Guns are reasonably priced from $250 to $350. Yard is essential and is best to buy in bulk, while fabric scissors and spray adhesive is an affordable add on. Having a hobby that doesn’t dip too much into the bank account is always a bonus, hence the popularity

AK-I Cut-Pile Tufting Machine

2. Tufted Rugs became the DIY sensation on TikTok (even has its own hashtag #rugtiktok) – gaining mass popularity and capturing the attention of furniture designers, influencers, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

3. The process is enticing and dynamic. When is a power tool with wool made to use exquisite carpets? The concept is fascinating and makes you eager to see and learn more.

Interior Design Tufting

watch the tufting process here

4. Historical stereotypes are shifting as women were more likely to work in embroidery and fiber artistry. Now, a flare of masculinity is evolving in a world that predominantly was occupied by women.

How times have changed from using a needle and thread to a machine gun and wool. Tufting is an affordable and revolutionary craft that is here to stay. Easing the worlds boredom and adding spice to the bowl of new found hobbies, tuft carpets are on our radar and will continue to be so in the next year.

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