The Real Life of Reisa: Part 1

Have you ever wondered about a Vancouver interior designer’s real life? It’s not all glitz and glamour. We wanted to find some positivity in these stressful times, so we asked Beyond Beige owner and lead designer Reisa to bring you along for the ride, and let you experience a day in the life of a real interior design expert.

Reisa wakes up bright and early and gets her children London, Beckham, and Presley ready for school. A morning with 3 kids is hectic, but that’s just a warm up for an average day at Beyond Beige’s North Vancouver office. Reisa is known for greeting people with “Oh hey there!” — we have a highlight on our socials just for her Oh Hey There’s, which our clients love, and there’s plenty of Oh Hey There’s in Reisa’s day, especially as she arrives at the office and greets the team. As she walks in, Reisa’s team brings her up to speed on the latest project developments and tasks that need attention.

Next, Reisa escapes to Beyond Beige’s newly renovated boardroom to get ready for a meeting with a client. This client is calling in remotely, all the better for Reisa to grab a doughnut — or two… maybe three — while she and her client discuss furniture and decor options. Everyone at Beyond Beige Interior Design loves snacks, and doughnuts are a fan favourite (when there’s some left over)!

We also wanted to share some processes in the video. This client is calling in to discuss furniture and decor, one of the many services we offer at Beyond Beige. Reisa also goes over some material options for a client in our materials room — we have one of the biggest material rooms in Vancouver! If we don’t have a texture, colour, or pattern in our materials room, it probably doesn’t exist.

Reisa’s day as an interior designer is full of a diverse range of activities — having meetings with clients and contractors, and working closely with every staff member to plan and execute projects and decide on materials. Our services include new builds, renovations, furniture and decor, and commercial projects.

We hope you have a laugh and enjoy the Real Life of Reisa! Stay tuned for Part 2!

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