Tips on Choosing the Best Interior Designer for You

When it comes to selecting an interior designer in Kelowna, you should not simply go and hire someone without thinking things through first. You should be able to trust them and have them align your needs and personality to their personality and abilities – it is kind of like dating, only with a different goal.

It is the interior designer’s job to provide decorating assistance and structural design expertise; the interior designer also provides design guidance in the architectural planning stage of the space, and during the construction. A great interior designer is also experienced in working with every involved party: they work with you; your architect, and your builder, ensuring the desired design and aesthetic are kept in every step of the build.

Here are several tips we’ve prepared for you when looking to hire an interior designer for your next project in Kelowna:

  • Recognize your style and look for a designer accordingly, as each designer has their signature style, but the really good ones can adapt to the client’s preferences. Check Pinterest for inspiration, and collect ideas as a starting point, so the designer can get an idea of your style and see if you can work together.
  • Check the interior designer’s portfolio before you hire them, as it is a way to learn their style better, see their past projects and imagine if you could live in the spaces they’ve created.
  • Arrange a budget and check the interior designer’s rate to see if you are on the same page. Some designers charge by the project, and some charge by the hour, so you need to check for the one that works best for you. Be honest about your budget beforehand, and know how much you can go over budget.
  • Meet your interior designer and ask as many questions as possible; meeting them face-to-face is important to see how you can work together. Ask questions on various topics, from contacts for referrals, qualifications, experience, and the services you can expect from your designer, and jot down all the vital facts on paper so you don’t forget something.
  • Sign a contract and make a plan with your interior designer. After you arrange everything and decide on an interior designer for your next project, you need to sign a contract and start planning your project.

Beyond Beige is one of the best interior designers in Kelowna, but we are also serving a wide area including Vancouver, Kitsilano, Shaughnessy, Point Grey, Squamish, Whistler, The Fraser Valley, Victoria,  and The United States. Our services include residential new builds, residential renovations, décor, furniture, and commercial projects. Contact us today and book your consultation.

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