Top 5 Tile Trends of 2021

Beyond Beige Interior Design is excited to share the top trends and styles of tiles in 2021. From Terrazzo themed bathrooms to retro styled kitchens, BBID is excited to capitalize on this topic and share what is trending in the design world.

2021 has been a transitional year for everyone! With spending way more time at home, homeowners are taking the time to create their dream spaces. More than ever, interior design is booming, and designers are being inspired by the constant shifts in trends. One trend that is standing out more than others is the variety of unique tiles that homeowners are wanting for their kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors spaces. BBID has kept note of these wants and is spilling the T on the top 5 Tile Trends in 2021.


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Nothing like having a full circle moment! Retro patterned tiles are making a huge comeback. These unique and vibrant tiles are adding pops of color in spaces that really need the extra pizzazz. In 2021, a lot of homeowners have been reflecting on themselves within their space. This reflection has created more personalization in design. The  retro tile look is perfect for that extra boost that anyone needs during such a transitional and uncertain time.


Retro Tile by Elisa Passino


Trendy Terrazzo

The trend that never fully goes away and we are not complaining about it! Terrazzo has been making an appearance in all shapes and sizes. From big, colored specs to tiny dots, this trend is everywhere! Once being popular for areas with a lot of foot traffic, Terrazzo is now being used on bathroom walls and statement pieces like lamps and tables.  Personally, BBID feels that Terrazzo will never not be a trend as this old-world style keeps evolving and making an impact in the design world.




Marvelous Moroccan

Intricate designs, bold colors and abundant textures, Moroccan style tile is giving that edge to a room that makes it from good to great. Adding an art feature, this type of tile is also used as a focal point in some rooms. Having so much impact and being porcelain, Moroccan tile creates a lively environment while also being very low maintenance. With all this being said, who is ready to turn their kitchen or bathroom into a exotic and colorful space?


Green with Envy

The color green has been making strides in a very long race that is Covid 19. Finding tranquility and peace in a time that has been stressful and uncertain, this color is easing peoples minds and creating a sense of calm. Green tile represents nature, good luck, and health. Being easily paired, green can go with any natural element within your home.  Whether you have rustic wood, bamboo or stone, green will be the perfect accent!\




 Gone in Hexagon

Shapes, shapes, and more shapes! Hexagon is the go-to shape, replacing your typical rectangle or metro tile. Hexagon is a marvelous and bold tile that gives a hint of luxury to any marble space. Hexagon is also being used in lots of art pieces. Adding a punch of color with a hexagon pattern will add dimension and perfect contrast.

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