Top Mistakes to Avoid When Furnishing a Home

Maybe you think you have a carte blanche when furnishing a new place, but we advise you not to rush into anything, as it is easy to make a mistake that may cost you a lot of money, headaches, and regrets. This is especially true for people who’ve never furnished or styled a space.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when furnishing their homes. When you read through these, you will see how hiring an interior design professional is not always a luxury but often a necessity. Interior designers come in handy as they take your needs, wants, and ideas and translate them into a space that you’ll be happy to call home.

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1. Not Understanding Your Actual Needs

You walk by a furniture store and see a staged room and think it would look good in your house. It is a nice feeling but is the curved glass designer coffee table really the thing you need or is that white sofa a good idea with three small children wreaking havoc at home. 

When furnishing a home, you need to consider your needs first, and your wants later. The needs will set the bar, and you can plan the space based on them and add the furniture that best works in the space. It is the only way to fully utilize all the available space and not worry or regret your choices later.

Also, avoid asking other people like your friends about how to furnish your space. You and your immediate family will be the ones living there, so the space should reflect only your needs and style.

2. Buying Furniture Without Measuring Your Space

You’ve fallen in love with a lovely Chesterfield sofa and decided you must have it, but when you get home, you realize it does not fit your living room – this is a common mistake among novices furnishing their homes. Before you go and look for furniture for your home, you need to take exact measurements of every room and confirm it’ll fit the general layout.

Having the dimensions and layout will allow you to look only for pieces of furniture that will fit your space and will not obstruct anything like a window or outlets. It will allow you to utilize all the available space without overcrowding or underusing available space.

3. Not Considering Quality and Longevity

It is critical to invest in quality pieces right from the start. It is easy to go for the cheaper items and think you’ll upgrade later on, but this rarely happens and you are left with the annoying, poor quality furniture for much longer than expected.

Interior designers

To save yourself the trouble and the extra expense later, you should consider investing in high-quality furniture from the start. That way, you can enjoy it much longer and don’t worry about the chairs giving way every time you sit down to dine.

Also, All of these mistakes can be easily avoided if you hire professional help. At Beyond Beige, we are an award-winning interior design studio guaranteed to help you avoid every beginner’s furnishing mistake and create a space you and your family will enjoy.

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