Tremendous on 26th Avenue

The property at 26th Avenue is a project that lead interior designer Reisa has been working on for 6 years. The entire Beyond Beige team are very excited to see it finally brought to fruition as an example of incredible aesthetic design and attention to detail, on a truly groundbreaking scale. 26th Avenue demonstrates that the sky’s the limit when it comes to Vancouver interior design.

In this video, Reisa walks you through the process of seeing this project through, from the client’s various specifications, to the unique challenges of bringing designs to life in such a massive space.

The video guides you through the expansive driveway and front yard of the Vancouver property, through the monumental foyer with dual staircases curving upward toward the second floor.

With 16,000 square feet to work with, lead interior designer Reisa had her work cut out for her.

She needed to design the home in such a way as to take advantage of the large, open spaces and also adhere to principles of good feng shui. With this in mind, it was especially important that fireplaces, lighting fixtures, and other spatial features be designed a bit “larger than life” – that is, on a grander scale than one might expect for a more standard-sized home.

As you’ll discover in the video, each element of this expansive home, from the private media room, to the gym, spa, and indoor pool, was created to be the pinnacle of modern aesthetics for a space of its kind. The media room features a dramatic ceiling dotted with lights to mimic a blanket of stars; the kid’s craft room combines neatly organized storage space with a central table, and a display board for future creations.

Throughout the process, Reisa consulted with the clients, and adjusted her designs to ensure that the rooms were not only beautiful, but functional, while also preserving good feng shui and a positive flow of energy from space to space. The property at 26th avenue is a stunning example of award-winning Vancouver interior design.

When it comes to interior design, North Vancouver is a hotbed of beautiful properties – it’s also where you can find Beyond Beige. If you have dreams for a future property, or if your current home needs a facelift, contact us today to learn how we can apply our award-winning interior design talent to your project!



“Many people have been curious about this project, partly because we’ve been working on it for over six years, and also due to its size. There was many interruptions along the way that impeded the progress, COVID included.

“The clients are overseas and wanted a home built for their family. They had a significant number of interests that they wanted accommodated.

“So some people would ask, well, why would you need 16,000 square feet? But aside from the 9 bedrooms and the 13 bathrooms, there was a lot of things that they wanted to do that take space.

“For instance, they have a ballroom and an entertaining room. A full library. We have a craft room for the kids, we have a fencing room, we have a tai-chi area, we have a media room that accommodates performances. There’s a large wine area. There’s just so many things including their spa and the gym and the sauna and the steam and the indoor pool, and so, that’s how you get to 16,000 square feet.

“When you design a home this large, the scale is so different. A fireplace that you may normally specify looks like a tiny postage stamp in this home. So everything from the fireplaces to the lighting to many of the features have to be large enough to work on this scale.

“The client was also very concerned about good feng shui in the home. So, without being feng shui masters, we knew the principle elements and had to redesign aspects of the home to accommodate that. We added water features in areas and changed doorways for better practices.”

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