Using Metal in Interior Design

Whether working on a residential or commercial interior design in Vancouver or elsewhere, the options are virtually limitless. However, when you are an interior design company, you are going to be facing client demands on styles and materials, and it is up to you to navigate these, incorporate them into the interior design and create an innovative design that will reflect the client’s character, and you will be proud of.

One such material that has found its way into interior design these last few years is metal. And no, we don’t mean the necessary metal faucets or appliances, but metal as an intricate interior design material that combines functions, shape, beauty, and fashion.

Metal in Interior Design

Metal is available in various finishes and surface coatings, opening up a new avenue for interior design. Some popular metal finishes in interior design are brushed satin, matte, polished, and patina. Shiny chrome, polished bronze, oiled bronze, galvanized steel, brushed steel, gold, silver, bronze, and more are examples of metal used in interior design. From door handles and lighting fixtures to statement pieces, metal can be used in interior design with impressive results.

Interestingly, metal can be used for ceilings, walls, flooring, railings, and other details. You’ve probably noted the wire mesh furniture has been getting traction over the past years. Still, there is so much more to using metal in interior design, as it can be warm, powerful, and attractive.

Metal in Interior Design

It is a flexible material with longevity that allows you to improve on any architectural job, whether a residential or a commercial project. It allows you to mix and match finishes and styles and keep things consistent by using metal in complementing color, tone, and finish. Here are three vital tips for using metal in interior design:

Consider the Room – Size & Use

The size and functions of the space will determine the use of metal and other furnishings. Small rooms can benefit from using metal in various finishes, like brushed and polished metal polishes in complementing tones.

Consider the Style – Rustic & Modern

Using metal allows you to use several styles, such as rustic and modern. Adding bare metal gives you a rustic look right from the start; adding clean, sleek lines is particularly used in modern design.

Match & Coordinate Styles and Finishes

The key to designing the perfect interior design is to match and coordinate the styles and finishes, especially when using metal as one of the primary design materials.

We are an interior design firm in Vancouver, and we always deliver on the promise to create a space you would be proud to call your home. Feel free to contact us for any design need you may have, and we promise to deliver an interior design solution you’ll be happy with.

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