Big Bang on Blenheim

Client was ‘downsizing’ despite having young kids. They were building a home ½ the size to move to a desirable school district for the kids. They enlisted Beyond Beige to design the home with exceptional storage solutions and high efficiency areas to retain the livability they had in their previous large home. The biggest challenge was that the back entrance led right into the kitchen, also totally open to the dining room. The original plans had a wok kitchen, but this left no area for a mud room, so we put everything required in the main kitchen and made the wok kitchen smaller to accommodate mudroom features. For the overall design BBID took inspiration from New York townhomes, the client’s favourite destination – blending old architectural details with such as oversized ornate crown with new cabinetry designs. The result is full of eye candy - colourful, fun, unique family home.

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