Using Plants in Interior Décor: Adding Green To Your Space

Adding plants and greenery to your home can liven things up and creates a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Here we’ll talk about using plants as a part of the interior décor and outline some of the pros and cons of using a living design element.

Why Use Plants in Interior Décor?

Adding plants adds splashes of color to any space and promotes calmness, peace, and tranquility. Plants can add aesthetic appeal to any space, and they also have a lot of health benefits, they absorb harmful chemicals from the air, release oxygen, and bring a positive atmosphere. Here are the main benefits of
using plants when creating the interior design and décor of a space:

Interior Décor

Plants Add Character to Any Space

Indoor plants are aesthetic but also come with their own character. You can utilize these to your advantage and create beautiful creations that liven up the space, creating small green oases to even the empty corners.

Plants Add Layers and Textures to Any Space

Plants are not only green with smooth foliage: some have leathery leaves, some have fuzzy leaves, some have glossy leaves, some have spiky leaves, flowering plants with petals in every color, etc. There are plants with green leaves, splashes of white, red, pink, and many other unique color combinations that mesmerize with their patterns and shapes.

Interior Décor

Plants Have Health Benefits

Many plants have scientifically-proven benefits of filtering the air and improving air quality in any room. Snake Plants, English Ivy, Golden Potos, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Dracena, Peace Lily, and Bamboo Palm, are a few NASA-tested and proven plants that filter and improve air quality.

Plants Boost Creativity

For ages, we’ve been told that enjoying nature helps relaxation and boosts creativity. Adding plants to interior décor brings nature to your home, and you can enjoy the therapeutic effect of plants and promote relaxation, calmness, productivity, and creativity. Choose plants with splashes of color that can energize and invigorate you.

Plants Come In All Sizes

Plants come in all sizes: small air plants, spiky cacti, baby breath creepers, pothos wines, weeping figs, fiddle leaf figs, swiss cheese plants, to philodendrons, and giant birds of paradise; there are plants for every space. Depending on the style you are after, you can find the plant to go with it.

Plants Boost

Play With Planters to Add More Personality

To improve the design and add more personality, you can use creative planters that further brighten the space and improve the look of the plants. Terracotta, porcelain, plastic, glass, metal, repurposed containers – the possibilities are endless, and the results are impressive.

At Beyond Beige, we are a Vancouver-based, award-winning interior design studio with long-term experience and abundant creativity to bring you a space that you will enjoy and be proud to call your own. If you want help incorporating greenery into any space we’re happy to help.


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